Project financed with the financial support of RO10CORAI, EEA Grants funded program 2009-2014 and managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund


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Short Project Description

Our project aims to approach, in an integrated manner, the main target group, formed by young and vulnerable persons, age between 16 and 29 years who are in risk situations. We aim to decrease the risk of social exclusion. Our two core action directions are – creating a specific action strategy for the vulnerable youth categories we included in our target group, focused on social integration on long term through sport related activities and approaching the professionals and other members from the communities the core target group originates from, who work directly with them, as to communicate, inform, acknowledge the specific problems these youth categories face and in order to increase their professional proficiency related to the strategy. Also, our project aims to approach the target group through activities of professional counseling orientation and specialization and through activities of information and communication, meant to ensure a coherent, long lasting impact in the communities the youth comes from. Our approach is based on specific research activities, designing the strategies, validating and implementing them and identifying the proper working instruments as to reach our goal. We designed our project as a long term project that strives to create new specific
methodologies, based on needs analysis. The project can become an integrated working instrument that can be transferred to other communities.




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