Project Description









Financing Contract No. 24H/09.06.2015


Main Objective

  • Development of sports-based specific methodologies and strategies aimed at increasing the level of social inclusion and at controlling the exclusion of young individuals at risk due to disabilities or economic status.
  • Implementing these strategies at the level of experts directly working with such young individuals and at the level of organisations actively involved in such areas from the implementation region.
  • Increasing the access of the members of the primary TG by expanding the implementation region to institutional level and by increasing the number of beneficiaries in the primary and secondary TG.
  • Disseminating the established tools at the level of new institutional areas – school inspectorates and academic environment, as well as the level of parents from origin communities.


Specific objectives

  • Participation of young individuals at risk, with ages between 16 and 29 years, to the integrated activities proposed by this Project
  • Participation of 120 persons who are directly working with the Target Group young individuals, to the integrated activities proposed by this Project
  • Strengthening a long-term partnership at the level of region


Project Beneficiaries: 365 persons of which:

  • 245 young individuals with the age between 16-29 years, form Bucharest – Ilfov Region and who are under certain risks
  • 120 experts, professors, education staff, teaching staff, specialists, caregivers who are working with the Target Group young individuals


Project Term: 18 months (June 2015 – November 2016)

Project Implementation Region: Bucharest –Ilfov

Project Value: 1.231.470  lei (extension/PLUS)


Project Activities:

During the implementation period, in addition to the horizontal project management, coordination and audit activities, several research, review, training and information activities shall also be carried out:


  • Review of Target Group requirements
  • Study on the efficiency of motive programmes designed to control the social exclusion
  • Campaigns of information concerning the Target Group requirements and the implementation of social inclusion strategy, including in the virtual environment – exclusion risks, opportunities
  • Professional counselling, directing and training for the primary and secondary Target Group
  • Establishing and testing an assessment programme for persons with disabilities
  • Establishing and testing a strategy of social integration by sports
  • Establishing and testing a specific work methodology dedicated to persons at risk of social exclusion
  • Establishing and testing an action plan for the implementation of strategies created
  • Interactive sessions between TG representatives, school inspectorates and PP / P1
  • Interactive sessions with the parents of young individuals included in the primary TG
  • Scientific sessions at academic level


Based on the 4 strategies, 2 studies, 2 information campaigns and 3 interactive sessions, this Project aims to increase the professionalism level of experts from this sector, to broaden the methods of action integrated at the level of beneficiaries – methods accessible to all the relevant institutions, to actually integrate 245 young individuals and to heighten the opportunities of long-term social and professional integration.



At the same time, through the professional counselling and training activities, this Project is directly adding to the continuous education and skills upgrade of 120 representatives of regional authorities and private sector, as well as of the civil society, all of whom will acquire new and specific knowledge.


Project assumed results:

  • Number of young persons, professionally counselled and oriented – 100
  • Number of advised experts – 100
  • Number of studies – 2
  • Number of communicational campaigns – 2
  • Number of formed persons – 200
  • Number of methodologies for the social integration of young persons – 4


Partial results:

  • Information campaigns focused on the needs of the target group and on the implementation of social integration strategies, through sport. As a part of these informational campaigns, there were six workshops held with sports experts, two communication and information campaigns and a dedicated online portal.


  • Analysis of the target group needs and a Study of Motric Programmes Efficiency in Fighting Social Exclusion Phenomena.  As a part of these two studies, there were 3 focus groups held with specialists, structural interviews with experts, documentary analysis on secondary sources.



  • Counselling, guidance and training sessions


Development of the specific work methodology for people in risk of social exclusion by:

a) Basketball


b) Footbal


c) Gymnastics


Development of the specific Psychological strategy